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Soft Rage

I came across this work by Jemima Longworth on her social media. The stitching and the words resonate. Her caption, even more so:

"...I was reflecting on what word I would use to summarise my feelings and ‘tired’ felt perfect. I was tired of being called at by passing cars, tired of men staring at me as I walked past, tired of dealing with trauma inflicted on me by a man. I was sick of feeling small, helpless and weaker than others. I was past anger, rage and frustration, it had turned into a numb kind of tired. the abundance of blue in this piece was to deliberately show how bruised I felt both physically and mentally. soft rage to me is that post rage feeling of numbness and tiredness. I feel a soft rage towards the world because women have to live with the lingering threat of male violence, whether it is past or present. We are tired! "

Jemima's work leads me to an exhibition Soft Rage at the Motley Bauhaus. It is a survivor led show. There I find this artist's statement.

And I find a new artist ally who makes work about trauma like mine. Her statement is the one I wish I could make in its clarity and courage.

The concept of "soft rage" is new to me, but oh! so familiar! Once again the Urban dictionary helps with definitions. There's even a mug!

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