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Somewhere to Stand

I built a floor for my Memory Room. That is, I built a collagraph plate to use to print a floor.

Obviously I've used the baby blocks quilt pattern as inspiration. The materials are screenboard, boxboard and fine sandpaper. And conveniently the colour they appear corresponds to the amount of ink they should hold when I print this plate:

* the screenboard is smooth and holds very little ink, so it will print close to white

* the boxboard has a bit of tooth and should hold some ink to print a mid-tone

* the sandpaper is fine and rough and should hold a lot of ink to print a dark tone.

The next step is to seal the plate with a couple of layers of shellac. Then it will be time to experiment with printing.

Now that I've made it, I'm a bit worried about the scale. I'm trying to emulate a tiled floor and the scale is really a bit too big for the proportions I mapped out. I wasn't quite courageous enough to work with smaller pieces--it was rather a fiddly task. I'm going to print it like this and see about possible improvement later on.

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