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Staging-installation ideas

Now that I have a set of bedlinen as the background to my banner, my mind turns to installation ideas. At first my thinking is quite literal and I look for a double bed, since that's the width of the bedcover I have. I'd like to cut the bed down to about a third of the length. I may need to place it on a plinth to bring the stitching up to a height where it can be easily read. This is all starting to look awkward. Stop, reset.

I organise a Saturday to trawl through local Op shops.

Here's a coffee table that shows potential. It comes home with me. I will strip off the legs and make a wider top top to accommodate the width I need.

Back to my Hard Rubbish Rescue group to ask for some foam to simulate a mattress. My friends at YouTube teach me that an electric kitchen knife is just the thing to cut foam easily. And the Hard Rubbish group has one of those for me as well...

My plan is to hang the banner over one long edge of the mini-bed-plinth I make and add two pillows with the matching pillow cases.

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