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Stitch by stitch

I have something to say and I have somewhere to say it. Cue many, many hours of stitching:

A magnifying lens, a daylight lamp and new glasses make the task somewhat easier, but it's a long slow process stitch by stitch.

I remind myself that trauma is iterative as I feel and see the hole in my fingertip made by the repeated pressure of sewing needle on skin.

Trauma is iterative in that early experiences of trauma set the victim up for future traumatic experiences in myriad ways. It is iterative in that memories and emotions recur and are triggered by seemingly inconsequential triggers.

Not all my stitching time is contemplative, but some is. At other times I put something soothing or inconsequential in the background. At other times I have bursts of ideas that interrupt the rhythm of my stitching and need to be written down for future exploration.

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