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Take 2

I sourced a large broken mirror and some small hand-mirrors--thank you facebook friends and the local Good Karma site. I also managed to get an app on my phone to control the camera remotely. Now I'm not physically tethered to the camera, so I have a bit more flexibility.

Interacting with the mirrors gives me a different way of being in front of the camera. Conceptually it adds to the significance of the series of self portraits. Now the reflection of self is physical as well as in my thoughts. It also introduces an extra layer of complexity into actually taking the shot. Camera, mobile phone for remote control, mirror...

  • Managing the light is still a challenge, but I'm starting to figure out ways catch what I need.

  • in editing the shots I want to keep my skin textures as natural as I can--the marks of aging are part of who I am now

  • The prominent eye that caught my attention in Ilse Bing's Self Portrait with Leica 1931 is a recurring element which I want to exploit.

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