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Testing line

Still considering the possibility of a linocut version of my self-portrait, my next area of interest was line. I decided to explore rendering tone as line with the thought that this might lead to a single block lino work. Because my interest is in the photograph itself and my confidence in my realistic drawing skills is not great, I started tracing over the photograph with a biro, using carbon paper to transfer my linework.

The superimposition of drawing and photograph was somewhat incongruous, but also quite striking. It reminds me of defaced images such as posters or newspaper clippings. Although in this case the blue lines also emphasise the facial expression rather than merely obliterating it. Attention is also drawn to the neck area where the lines lead the eye to the shadows behind the collar of the jacket.

Here is the carbon copy. The jagged sketchy quality of the line is more apparent in the absence of the reference photograph. The colour of the carbon tracing leads me to reconsider cyanotype as a possible medium to explore. I am also left wondering about carbon tracing itself as a medium.

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