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Testing, testing...

I reused the backs of some old plates to test my ideas for intaglio methods.

  • On the left: soft ground etching. I'm excited that you can see the pressure points where the ferric has bitten earlier and the lighter areas where it has taken longer to break through the ground.

  • In the centre: acrylic resist. This is a handprint in acrylic paint which resists the ferric. The remainder of the plate has been sprayed with aquatint and etched.

  • On the right: sugarlift (lift ground). The handprint is made on the plate with a saturated sugar solution which is then covered with a thin coat of liquid ground. Warm water makes the sugar swell and lift off the ground leaving an open area which is sprayed with aquatint and etched. The rest of the plate remains protected by the liquid ground.

These are the three techniques I plan to use. I will also experiment with open bite areas.

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