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The Monoprint Project

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

The excitement of a new project and a new way of working! Our first workshop project is to create a series of monoprints. Monoprints are unique prints--as compared to editions comprising multiple prints intended to be as similar to one another as possible. Every monoprint is a one-off. However, monoprints utilise a reproducible element, in the case of this project, stencils. In that sense, monoprints are different from monotypes, which are more strictly unique. Here's Tate's definition of monoprint and monotype and examples from the Tate collection.

I can't think about monotypes and dancers without indulging in a fan girl moment! I've been following Debra Luccio's work for years. She creates large monotypes with etching ink on copper plate, focussing on the forms of dancers. Her technique is to roll on, blend and wipe away ink to reveal the figure. She generously shares her approach in her artist's talks and on her website.

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