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Timelines & self-care

The pressure is on as the deadline for this project approaches and I don't feel comfortable with working so close to the time limit. I take time to assess how best to take care of myself. Since I will have to do several successive long days of printing, I decide to use the electric etching press. I learned to use it a few years ago when I had a wrist injury. That injury was caused by over-use and tends to be chronic. The last thing I need is to have it flare up again. Using the electric press means that I can't print out of hours or on the weekend because it can only be unlocked when the technicians are on duty. I use the weekend to make decisions about how I will print the plate and make sure of my wiping technique and am ready to print on Monday. Nine to five is a long day. I would have struggled without the electric press.

Another consideration is determining the last day that I can print and have the paper and ink be dry in time for the folios to be assembled. The paper is lightweight and dries in a few hours. The ink is touch dry by the next morning. I press white paper into an image area to make sure it comes up clean. This means I can make my last few prints the next morning.

Now that I've had my say about the value of women's work like embroidery--with hints at deeper issues of violence--I'm ready to go back to stitching and delving further into how feminine and feminist expressions can be expressed.

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