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Trial presentation: installation and encounter

My trial presentation in the Site 8 Gallery gave me the opportunity to place my work in a professional context and to receive feedback from academic staff and my peers. Installing professionally was both a challenge and a delight. We were able to use focussed track lighting. This really brought out the shadows and effects of the cracks and breaks in my work.

The feedback I received emphasised the affective impact of my objects and their arrangement. I was already leaning heavily towards an approach that favours emotional meaning over narrative--even more so after this presentation. There was discussion around the desire to reach out and prevent the precariously placed fragile objects from falling and breaking (again).

Key words:

  • anxiety

  • tension

  • precarity

  • fragility

My reflection on the presentation is here--note to self, I need to work on writing critically and analytically about my own work.

Download DOCX • 1.65MB

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